Art and life by the water…


Me riding my tricycle on the verandah c.1985 (Behind me is the river)

My name is Nimah Muwakil-Zakuri. In interrogating my past, I strip away the obvious paint to find the colours/meaning behind what is readily and easily visible. To find the hidden landscapes that have the potential to bring new perspectives to the fore on an issue/event. So it flips the notion of the sociology of art (concerned with how works of art of a particular era or time was influenced by the society that it came from and how that society is reflected in these works) by considering a particular social event or occurrence to be the work of art itself… like a performance, a construction or orchestration; and examining it from that point of view. Life as art. It’s about finding the beauty and hope in the simple things that we take for granted. It’s about seeing art in the everyday. I am a graduate in Art History (Historia del Arte) from the Universidad de Oriente, Santiago de Cuba. Cuba is my second home and will always have a special place in my heart.

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